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Bloody Easytoon animation!

2009-07-09 09:53:17 by OrangeGuy93

how do you like it?
please comment...
hail newgrounds!

Bloody Easytoon animation!

check out my flash and see if i am good enough for you...
if you have some ideas pm me!

my first game made it!
the score is not the best.. but its my first..

i uploaded my first audio sub! check that out too...

i ve no idea what i could do next... any tips, ideas, spam?
if someone is interested with a collab project with me, pm me...
post a review or burn in hell
rockn roll and viva la newgrounds!

New stuff...

2009-03-23 09:32:27 by OrangeGuy93

never thougt ng people would like my first animation...
thanks to all peoble that voted!
i m not sure what i m going to do next but i think it will be a simple designed game...

This will be the logo for my band "suicidal hardcore monkeys"
how do you like it?

New stuff...

First submission..

2009-02-24 15:42:03 by OrangeGuy93

My first flash submission will be finished soon and i hope it won t be blammed...
Its pretty much like "tha cliff"
not that good but..
For all the ones who still are reading this...
You really got no live.
Go outside and see the sun again...
thank you..